About the Sponsor: Zenith Insurance Company

Zenith, the premier specialist in workers’ compensation, partners with policyholders to take care of their injured employees, fight fraud and abuse, and make the workplace safer.

About the Artist: Lee Bell – Black Lily Studio

Lee is an extraordinary ceramic artist creating sculptural and functional works with feminine, Art Nouveau infused elegance for forty years. She also paints on canvas and silk and is experimenting with printmaking and photography. Her works show nationally in galleries and are held in private collections in England and Switzerland.

Description of Sculpture: 

The Zenith Dog stands guard over all the companies he protects. A main street scene encircles the base. Colorful stylized shops, palms, planters, people, and a service dog are included. Apollo is a yellow lab with a burgundy cape and stand. The stand is covered in a city landscape with small shops and boutiques. On the cape, is a “Zenith” logo in black lettering. The logo also lies on a white hard hat by Apollo’s feet.