Marjie and Friends

About the Sponsor: Mary Scharf

Mary sponsors and names puppies in memory of her many cats. Currently, KC cat, ‘training’ Marjie, hangs around the pup’s neck like Sassy, the Southeastern Guide Dogs cat.

About the Artist: Anita Wexler

Anita Wexler earned her BFA from Parsons New School of Design & Bank Street College in NYC and her M.Ed. She teaches in Sarasota, and her artwork has been included in many art books, magazines, and articles. Her work has been exhibited in South Florida, Museum of the Americas, Ormond Beach, and Lake Eustis Museum.

About the Sculpture: 

Marjie is a yellow lab with a blue cape that is covered in pink and red roses. There are 4 cats on the statue base. Two cats are black, one white, and the other is yellow and black striped tabby. Their names have been given to puppies born to be superheroes. One cat by the name of KC hangs around Marjie’s neck while the other cat below is Sassy who works with the dogs in training in the training kennel on campus.  Lastly is Cricket who is the adult Marjorie’s best friend.